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Kellie Kadaoui



Kellie Kadaoui

Kellie brings over 25 years experience as a communications specialist in public relations and marketing strategy to her role as Director of Wildlime.

In 2006, she gave corporate life the flick, set up shop in the front room of her house and got down to work in an era where the Internet was basic, Google was a new kid on the block and Facebook didn’t even exist.

Fast forward and Kellie has collaborated with businesses of every size and sector. Not only has the marketing and landscape continued to develop and change (hello snapchat, goodbye my space), so too has the Wildlime team.

We know that a talented, diverse team is what makes Wildlime pop. Our full service agency has a diverse range of experts in marketing, graphic design, ad specialists and web developers. We also proudly have some of our first clients still with us

Kellie’s passion for marketing is only matched by her wanderlust (say hello to which has seen her eat a tarantula in Cambodia, climb Europe’s biggest mountains, see John Deere headers built from scratch, drink Caipirinha’s on Copacabana beach and marvel at the awesome sunsets over Uluru.

When she’s not enjoying a wine or daydreaming about her next adventure, Kellie can be found stuck inside the pages of her latest novel.